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On-Site Team

Every photo experience from Rottendead comes with on-site teams & actors to help ensure that your guests maximize the photo experience. Our professional and courteous experience teams will ensure the event is operational the entire required period. They are also there to assist your guests in the experience and will explain every detail to ensure the photos are the very best.

Endless Prints

Seconds after your guests exit the experience, they will be provided with their very own photo.  Each guest can have as many as they wish, for the full HD photo, these will be availble on our website within 24hrs for free. As the host an email will be sent with login details and password.

Unlimited Visits

Your guests are free to go through the photo experience as many times as they like. There is no limit to how many priceless photos our teams can capture. Simply add people and let the experience's begin.


Included in all of our experiences are those horror like props that your guests will love interacting with. From holding decapitated arms to blood covered fake guns, we have something that all the guests can have a unique experience with.

High Resolution Images

24hrs following your event, you will receive an email containing a link to where you can download all of the high resolution images to print and share your pictures whenever and wherever you like. Or you can choose to have a photo pen drive mailed to you however this option may take a week longer to get your files. Or if you prefer you can simply request us to print your images and send to a home or work address. This service does have a small charge.

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